November 7, 2008

Something to Think about

Claiming what is already Mine. Valuable Cosmic Advice hit my email today in the form of my Daily Feng Shui Tip for Friday, November 7 which I am shamelessly pasting in here to remind me that I have things that I don't even realize. -- "Today is National Magazine Day and since I write a monthly column for my favorite one in the whole world, I want to share how else, besides just reading the great content and getting great advice, we can use the pages of these periodicals. Making a treasure map will help you mine all the booty you that believe belongs to you. Take a few magazines that speak to your particular proclivities and sensitivities and cut a collage of representative pictures from its pages. Paste or tape those pictures to a piece of poster board, making your own personal vision map or basic life blueprint. Make sure to symbolize every little special something that you would like to see come to you, and then place this map where you see it upon awakening in the morning and before you fall asleep at night. This is yet another great way to make all your dreams come true!
Warm Regards,Ellen Whitehurst"

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