October 14, 2009

Chlorox (or less is more)

I have thin skin.  Very thin and very easy to damage.  Bugs know this and feast whenever I am outside even if I am wearing the strongest bug-off lotion made.  I also don't heal easily.  The wounds fester, itch and turn green when scabs form.  I explain this primarily because I re-discovered an old trick I had for healing what are known as 'hot spots' on dogs I learned with the Newfoundlands we had for years.  A solution of 2% chlorox poured on and scrubbed into the wound works well.  The skin heals cleanly.  That's what I finally had to do and the skin is now healing and I am reminded of the old saying 'less is more.'

Truly less is more.  We are (at least I am) used to finding stuff that is new. Ads push us to react instead of act aying  'Buy this perfume, buy that cleaning supply, don't worry, you can put it on your credit card,' or 'we will bill you later.'  Or my personal favorite after 9/11 when we were told to buy, make American strong, buy even if you owe thousands on your credit card, buy, buy, buy.   And for a while, I did just that, thinking I was being patriotic and not a sap.  Sigh.  So now, while I am delighted to find cool stuff, I try to walk away from the new spatula, new cooking thingie, new things, period. 

So I am especially pleased to be reminded that chlorox heals not only the outside of me, but also the inside from its smell.  It reminds me of clean sheets and houses that welcome you home.  I find I can face the fears of thousands of dollars owed on my credit cards easier when I smell clean chlorox smells.  Go figure.

So, forget the white linen and nutmeg and fancy perfumes the stores and ads are pushing.  When I need to clear my mind, I will stick to the less is more idea.....

May all beings know peace.