February 28, 2011

Word Work

Word prompt for today...Leaven v. Levity.  Both are rising agents.  Leaven (like baking soda) is great for raising dough into delicious bisquits.  Levity is great for raising spirits.  See how you can use both words in a paragraph you write of your own experiences.  Then make a drawing of a bisquit and a smile.  Or maybe a smile wrapped around a bisquit.   No matter how you approach words, always remember to play with them because they have the ability to raise your own spirits.

Mardi Gras in New Orleans

OMG, Wednesday, March 2nd, Ancient Druid's Parade!!!  So cool!   Hope to post pictures later this week.  Meanwhile, just google ancient druids parade New Orleans or go to this link.

"11 Krewe of Ancient Druids - New Orleans, LA Mardi Gras Parade ... Comprised of Carnival veterans from several other Orleans Parish parading organizations

www.mardigrasparadeschedule.com/krewes/druids/   "

February 27, 2011


I used to think I was just cheap.  I reuse everything.  In fact, I am too cheap to buy one of those fancy computer fans but my computer gets really hot when I have it on my lap.  So I thought about it and realized my plastic chopping board (which I never use because it is impossible to keep clean) fits right under my computer and keeps my legs a whole lot cooler.

I also wanted to organize my cook books which were just stacked on the counter.  I also was getting ready to throw out my old wooden dish rack which never really worked for all my dishes.  One thing let to another and now my cook books are on the top rack of the disk rack and my paper towels are on the cup holder part of the dish rack.  So three items are organized instead of just the cook books.

So if I want to make cookies or stew, I can pull out the right book and get started.  And if I make a mess on the counter, my paper towels will stay dry!

Stormy Weather -- Not Just a Song

One of the advantages of having fibromyalgia is that I know when to turn on the Weather Channel to confirm why I hurt.  It's true.  I can predict bad weather.  I always used to laugh at the folk tales about folks who claimed they could make these predictions.  Old Wives' Tales, Hah!  Bah!  I don't laugh anymore.  I just hope that the tornadoes predicted in the swath of states tonight and tomorrow are not as powerful as predicted.  Fingers crossed everyone.

Favorite Fun Website for CatGeeks

 http://www.catslikefelix.co.uk/   This is the link for a massively fun website located in the UK.  Purina/Nestle created it.  Check it out.  Felix is a really cute animated cat who walks all across the screenm meows and has lots of ways you can play with him.  So if you are stuck inside an office and miss the sounds of a cat, pull up Felix for a quick cat fix.

Questions for the day...

February 10, 2011

Push Rewind in Time for Valentines' Day

Ever notice that when you stop doing something for a while -- like riding a bike or writing in a blog -- restarting the activity is often harder than when you did it for the first time?  Expectations are a big part of all of our lives and we expect to be able to hop in and do just as well as we did before we stopped.  It is no wonder that weekend atheletes are always nursing sports injuries.

Have you stopped doing what you love because of the economy, disappointments or health?  I know how you feel.  It is so hard to rewind the hope, faith and find the heart to go on.   But as a wise friend once told me, just do one thing a day.  A letter, looking at a job board, a small bit of writing, a small bit of work and keep going.  Pretty soon when you look back you will see that all those scraps you have piled up are actually achievements you can point at and use to create more passion for whatever you are searching for.

Stay in the fight, the game, your life,