June 13, 2007

Raccoons and Cats

I feed feral cats in my townhouse development. Someone has to do it. The normal resources of shelters and foster situations as well as animal control are so stretched these days it is criminal not to help. These area cats are the leftovers from the crazy cat lady. Here is her story. http://www.nbc4.com/news/5534497/detail.html

The cats I do feed are just so grateful that it is hard to stop feeding them even when I learn some of them actually belong to neighbors of mine who let their cats run free during the day. I mean, who does that these days, in a busy Burke townhouse community with cars whizzing by. Un-neutered, un-microchipped, uncollared, essentially uncared for. Really.....thinking seems to be a lost continent.... Where was I??? Oh, raccoons are eating the cat food too. In fact, a mom and her cub were poking their heads out of the drain in front of my place a couple nights ago and I swear I heard the mom tell the cub -- For Good Grub Eat at that House. I know that some wiley animal is narfing down the food because all the eating things get turned over and the water gets pe'ed into over night ... So I am on a food strike right now. No food for cats. And I feel rotten about it. But I hate raccoon pee a lot. It reeeeeeks. I'll probably cave on my resolution tonight and sneak two sets of food out there -- Here in the land 5 feet from the front door (a townhouse has next to no land) is the raccoon eatery. And for those more finnicky diners there will be free eats on the porch. Sheeesh. Now serving cats and raccoons. I guess I should be glad they don't want fries with dinner.

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