June 13, 2007

Ok, This is Not Fair

I was reading a headline from the Daily Dirt about Pocket Gardens. I want a pocket garden.
There was a Pratt University Professor who had a pocket garden. He grew moss in camera cannisters with eeny weeny small rocks in there as well. It was magic.


But no, Daily Dirt is about achieving the perfect garden by referring to various pocket garden guides. Arrrrgggh!!! What a cheat!!!!!!! I want japanese gardens in a box and I see this guide to garden perfection instead. http://mygardenguide.com/pocket_guide.html I suppose it is karma from helping weed one year when I was pre-pre-preteen and pulled up all my sister's lettuce thinking they were weeds. Sadly, I didn't know the phrase -- one mans dandelion is another man's weeds....sigh.

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