June 15, 2007

OK, It's Official, I'm a Bio-Hazard

I know I mentioned my fungus before. Yech. Because insurance may try to say the medicine I need to get rid of this fungus removal is for "cosmetic" purposes, (As If), I need to clip an infected toenail and take it to the lab for the techs to "grow" it into an identificable fungus. I was ok with the instructions from the doctor until she handed me the bio-hazard plastic bag. I am now officially freaked. Yech. From quasi-normal (ha!) to bio-hazard in one visit. Eeek. I will take deep breathes until clam-ness (calmness) returns to me. Until then


  1. Try tea tree oil, it works and can be picked up cheap at WalMart. Yeah, that's TMI.

  2. Will do. Hah...thanks!


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