June 15, 2007


Each time I see my uncrinkle guy, I find I have fewer pains in my body and more feelings I need to deal with in my head. Go figure. This week was exceptional. Pain is down massively. Sleep is up. And so is anger and fear and glum-ness. All I can guess (and that's all this is) is that each new muscle group I re-acquaint myself with in this therapy has a story to tell me and I feel the feelings the muscle tell me. Not a surprise really. I avoided feelings for years because they were the dragons inside ready to eat me alive. I stuffed feelings into toes (don't get me started), muscles, headaches. What I never really thought was that they'd reach through to "bite" me later in life with myofascial pain. Not in a million, gazillion years. So now as layers of pain drain away, anger, fear and hate come to the surface. Better out than in, I say.

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