May 16, 2007

My Great-Aunt Peggy

Whenever I feel out of step with life, I remember my great-aunt Peggy who used to write novels in Latin and discourse about the Society of the Antiques and Horribles. I loved Aunt Peggy for her dogged devotion to eccentricity. It is my belief that eccentricity is a wonderful attribute. And it is dying out in today's hustle and bustle. New England readers probably know more instictively than I ever will about the parades of the Antiques and Horribles but for the rest of us here is a link to (pages 8-10) which is an article about the historical development of the parade. I recommend it as a fascinating read. The link takes you to the whole article but just search for the phrase "Antiques and Horribles" which was the name of the unit marching in the July 4, 1876 Centennial Parade. That actually makes some sense given my memory of Aunt Peggy because she was born within spitting distance of 1876 and no doubt was reared on that July 4th celebration for many years. I honor her and all those who march to the sound of a different drummer.

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