May 16, 2007

Cool Name for a Syndrome

Cool name for a syndrome lots of folks are more alert to than they were when I was born. Dandy-Walker. When I was diagnosed with it in the last 2 years, I laughed. It is a silly sounding name. And it is hard to find decent information about it. So if you have a kid who has it, or, if like me, you were not severely affected and were identified as an adult with it, don't freak out. Instead, be happy that there is actually a name for that amorphous thing that has dogged your every step since birth. I love finding things that explain why I get headaches in my eye or why I am more prone to stumbling. All I can say is if you have issues with health, keep reading online, keep bugging your doctors and keep the faith. Blessings...on technology for allowing laypersons access to vital information. We may never get it any other way.

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