March 30, 2007

Water, Water Everywhere

Watergate, White Water and now Black Water. What is it about water? Black Water scares me though. The idea of a lean mean insertion team of soldiers gulled most of us into thinking that Iraq would be quick, cheap and not use many people. Frankly, I never believed in WMD. I kept thinking to myself about "Wag the Dog" scenarios. But of course, being told those same things by the President made Congress buy off on the idea. And having General Powell tell the UN about WMD clinched it. If General Powell was convinced, then who was John Q. Public to doubt? But what John Q. Public was not told was the Black Water connection. I can't help but think we are being sold down the river with this mercenary army and its clones we haven't heard about yet. My questions are many but most immediate is what happens when we run out of wars to feed BlackWater and its' stockholders? After all, this is the America of the bottom line. We can't have an army without a profit. So I'm skeptical.

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