March 30, 2007

Death Comes to Benny

I have been there with all my companion animals at the end but once I was there at the beginning and the end. That once was a Newfoundland named Benny. Benny was a breach birth and I was the midwife. Thank god I had a really knowledgeable friend who came over just in time to shift the puppy as he was coming out. Newf puppies look like beanie babies. They are just the same size and soft fur. The only difference is that puppies wriggle and squeak and beanie babies don't. But puppies grow into dogs and dogs die. Newfs have a very short life. It is a very lucky owner who has one live over 10 years. And when they die, a huge part of my heart would die with them. Benny died last July but I only now can face the final photos I took of him. He was the last of the Newfoundlands I ever owned. My comfort is that every time it rains I know it isn't really rain, it's dog drool.

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