March 9, 2007

Soggy Moggy

When my mom died, I inexplicably began leaking lots of water. Crying, tears, whatever. I had pretty wet cheeks and my kids kept asking why I kept leaking. I tried to explain. I really did. After all, I have a college education, a humanities degree, a long time love of language. You would think I could explain. But ... some events just are not explainable to kids. Even kids like mine who were used to having dogs live unbelievably short lives. And this upcoming loss is like the waters threatening to engulf the cat at the far right. I am sure to get soggy again soon.

So just for today, how to keep from being soggy with sadness? I look at pictures. Here is one I found today on the C-BBC (childrens' BBC). For those who don't know the UK lingo...a moggy is a non-pedigreed cat. See for a much more detailed explanation and lots of other useful facts.
Hopefully, this little fellow will find good fosters and a furr-ever home. The article does mention that the RSPCA is looking for his owners. But frankly I would take him in a shot if I lived in the UK. Here is the link to the story behind the pictures.

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