March 9, 2007


Personality Quizzes -- Gotta love 'em.
Your soul was born in the world of shadows, for your entire life, you have never really been noticed or given much attention to. You are probably a very quiet person and probably have pretty good marks. You are cautious of what others think of you so are often very withdrawn from others, so you are often alone or wit ha couple of friends. In class activities, you are most likely too shy to answer a question even if you know the answer. You are calm and understanding, and will probably realize how much talent you have if you open up.

Quote: Loneness kills, there is just no one there to notice it.
Element:Water, calm and serene, yet powerful
Ability:Invisibility, to get closer without being noticed.
Mythical Creature/Being:Spirit, there but unoticed.
Gem:Tourmaline, tranquility, serenity

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