March 10, 2007

Enough - dayenu

Enough - dayenu is not just for passover songs. Last year I gave a lot of time and money to rescue organizations. Gradually, I realized that money wasn't what I needed to give. I needed to give more time. Hands' on. So this year's resolution (albeit realized a lot after the New Year's), is to make myself available to pay off the most rapacious creditor of all -- called life.

I am a driver today. Going 60 miles south to pick up two dogs. I will attach their pictures once the ride is over to this post. I don't know the dogs yet. But from having done this for just about a year I do know one thing. They will be very grateful and sweet. And I will have put them on a new path. And frankly that's the greatest reward I can have these days. From despair to love.
But I couldn't pick up the dogs today. Ivy was sick and couldn't come up. So I did what I could and went to the local shelter where FIV cats have a house of their own. I went there and snuggled in with them on the couch. And it was enough for today.

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