March 10, 2007

Today in Latin Quotes

Quote for the Day: From "Latin Quips at Your Fingertips" collected by Rose Williams. Dives Sum, si non reddo eis quibus debeo. Plautus, Curculio, 377. Translation: I am a rich man so long as I don't pay my creditors. Hah. I love that. Plautus rocks. And he starts my day off thinking. Not so much about paying my creditors -- I do that anyway and do think those thoughts as well. No. I am thinking more along the lines of life and death. And dealing in the face of ultimate truths. So because I cannot change, for better or worse, conditions beyond myself, my goal today is to pay the creditors I can pay. Work for lives that can be saved. That's why I do rescue work with Truck-N-Paws and Maine Coon Cat Rescue and Friends of Homeless Animals. There are not enough hours in the day to help those organizations. All of them always need drivers, caregivers, cat and dog walker/petters and people with paws on the ground looking for ways to help.

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