March 30, 2007

Looking Young but Feeling Old

I don't look old. People keep thinking I am 10 years younger than I am. But here I am at 55, small boned, and just not interested in eating. No diet queen here, folks, just working on a walk-through kitchen. Walk through to get coffee, to toss trash out, to clean cat dishes and trying to walk through life as gently as possible. So this recent trip to Boston was salutary for me. First, I got reminded that cooking can be a good thing, second I got reminded that I used to like cooking and I even liked planning meals. However, chronic pain makes advance planning difficult. Somedays I feel full of energy and planning is a joy. Other days planning is beyond me. But I must be getting better because I plan more. So perhaps cooking is a possibility -- especially with Passover looming on the annual horizon. Now where did I put those recipe books.

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