March 8, 2007

Canada, Eh?

Whenever things overwhelm me...I run away. I may look like I am sitting and typing but inside I am miles and miles and miles off on the horizon running as fast as I can. And when I run it is always to English Speaking Countries -- ok, Canada doesn't speak American but then again Americans can't speak American. We just think we can. So what with government being corrupt, what with outsourcing hitting my firm, what with cancer hitting my family -- I daydream about living in a nearby yet Foreign country. Ottawa, Toronto, Newfoundland, Nova Scotia? All of them sound good and when I look at real estate prices I am blown away. 3 bedroom townhomes for under $100,000. Sure they are probably built in bad neighborhoods or on top of landfills full of uranium and no doubt the salary I could get up there couldn't deal with even what looks like a modest asking price ... but jeez...the place I rent here I couldn't begin to buy. Homes near it are being snapped up for $500,000+. Salary rates here are ridiculously high but then that drives other things up as well -- food, cars, rent, gas, clothing... And the government has the temerity to wonder why savings are down. Let the government eat beans for a while. Then perhaps the hot air they blow out can be used to supplement the gas we are not getting from Iraq.

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