April 6, 2011

When you Look

When you look at events that shape us...from the Civil War to the Civil Rights Movement, to reporters who grew to prominence in either of those (Belva Davis and Horace Greeley to name a few of those reporters), the soldiers who went on to become outlaws in the West it is amazing.  Much of life is practice.  We learn to walk, we learn our lessons, our maths, our music, our language.  Our environment shapes our language, our lessons, and our music which is a fact that isn't always recognized.  When you look at the world through either the south's or the north's prism becomes crystal clear.  But it wasn't clear and remains unclear 150 years after the war's end.  I have been at dinners with Civil War re-enactors when guests came close to blows for continuing to support their sides of the War.  

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