April 6, 2011

Murder by Prison Camps and other means

13,000 deaths at Andersonville.  Rattlesnake Island, Ohio boasted its own prisoners -- Southern this time. If the South had won the war, we would be reading about Rattlesnake Island and others' I haven't even heard of, instead of Andersonville.   Mans' inhumanity to man continues from the beginning of time until now.  www.pbs.org/kenburns/

Death comes to all of us but we humans like to think that we are in charge of it.  We can choose when it will happen or at least we think can when we plan for it.  We are such planners, from abatoirs to salon rooms.   But death comes when it comes.  It wipes before it animals, crops, soldiers and those women and children and animals left behind.  Sad.  It comes when it comes. 

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