February 10, 2011

Push Rewind in Time for Valentines' Day

Ever notice that when you stop doing something for a while -- like riding a bike or writing in a blog -- restarting the activity is often harder than when you did it for the first time?  Expectations are a big part of all of our lives and we expect to be able to hop in and do just as well as we did before we stopped.  It is no wonder that weekend atheletes are always nursing sports injuries.

Have you stopped doing what you love because of the economy, disappointments or health?  I know how you feel.  It is so hard to rewind the hope, faith and find the heart to go on.   But as a wise friend once told me, just do one thing a day.  A letter, looking at a job board, a small bit of writing, a small bit of work and keep going.  Pretty soon when you look back you will see that all those scraps you have piled up are actually achievements you can point at and use to create more passion for whatever you are searching for.

Stay in the fight, the game, your life,

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