July 15, 2010


True Ghost Stories and Paranormal Articles

True Ghost Tales

Most people know of at least one ghost story that has been told as being true ... of ghost stories and for those of you who like to interact with others who are ... Ghosts have been known to move things around, or even to hide objects. ...


I reference this site since I have experienced weird stuff.  My experiences are  mostly physical, feeling and hearing.  I don't often see things.  I call these experiences  'resonances' but I am not sure whether this is the correct term.  I am only a novice in this field after all. 

The only two times I can remember 'seeing' ghosts were when the family ghost (doesn't every family have one? Just saying....) reached down for me as I reached the top of the stairs at my house. I was five at the time. He seemed sad but kind.  The really interesting part of this tale is that when I reported this to my family they said that many of the family who had lived in the house had met ghosts in it.  My father said he'd met a woman who appeared upstairs in the back bedroom I shared with my sister and that my great grandmother had also met this ghost.

I  felt things in this house -- fear of the bathroom and the hallway leading to it which had an opening to the back stairs.  I also heard steps coming up the backstairs and through the common room  each night.  I learned to read early and often to try to stay occupied while this was happening.  I'd even put a chair under the doorknob at night.  My folks soon put a stop to that.   My poor sister had to put up with me asking her to tie herself to me with shoelaces so that when the monsters under the bed tried to take me, he/she/it would also get her.  My theory was that we would be together.  Bless her heart, she only put up with this a couple of days. 

At 12,  I had several memorable experiences in the kitchen with a poltergeist bouncing  pots full of boiling water off of the stove and onto the floor while the family was in the kitchen preparing dinner.  Thankfully none of us  were burned though we all saw it happen.

When I was at university,  my dad always knew when I was coming home from university because his bed would jump up and down. My dad weighed over 200 pounds at that point adding more heft to the usual weight of the bed, mattress, headboard and covers.

At 17, my sister went to college and I was left alone.  I started hearing breathing from her empty bed which came to a crest at 2 am on Easter Monday.  That night  started with breathing in my sister's bed, only much louder and gruffer than usual,  then the usual footsteps up the back stairs started and continued through the common area to the front of the bedroom I shared with my sister. By the way, my parents slept downstairs so I was all alone upstairs. Two women appeared at the end of the bed when the footsteps stopped.  They said, "let us help" and there I was, frozen in fear. Literally.  I rallied and sat up, waved my arm towards the door and tried to tell them to get away because I thought they wanted to force me to kill myself.  A fearful thought.  Then the breathing in the bed next to me started to get louder and louder at which point I ran through the two figures at the end of my bed and went downstairs to my parents' bedroom. They were already awake because of the noises upstairs and came immediately to my aid. My dad went up the backstairs with his service revolver and my mom and I went up the front stairs to corner whatever was making the noise. Nothing was there but the sounds. I stayed the rest of the night in my parents' bedroom listening to more footsteps throughout the night.

Later we learned that there had been a double suicide in the 1890's in the house of two women who were cheated out of the house by what they called a 'tombstone skinning lawyer.'  A volunteer at an local art gallery where my mom also volunteered told her about these ladies and about the attorney and brought her to the deed/will where the words appear.  I need to verify that the attorney was working in the town at that point and that he had access to the womens' legacy and took over the house when they died. But whatever these forces were, they lessened when my folks updated the kitchen (the oldest part of the house) and later updated the upstairs area. The upstairs bathroom still gives me the creeps, though, so whatever was there continues to this day.

Two other episodes happened in January 2000. My mother died and I knew it and woke up before the phone call. Later in the month, when I took my girls to my mom's memorial service at the church we attended, my youngest was skipping down the aisle on the way from the service and had her feet hauled out from under her, causing her to land flat on her back in the passageway. The family was all around her and several of them commented that this was the doing of my grandmother who was interred at the church in the columbarium. I tend to believe that.

Later on in 2002, I was checking my girls' rooms in the late night when I made a wrong turn and fell down the stairs in the dark. I karoomed into the wall on the far side of the stair rail and 'felt' a hand support me as I bumped down to the front hall. I only cracked a bone in my wrist. Hurt like the dickens but then again, I was alive for it to hurt. So I take the good with the bad.   I always knew  the house had angry resonances of other people who had lived on the land there.   But this energy was different from the background resonance I usually felt.  It was a gentle energy and not an angry force.

After my mom-in-law died in 2008, she was unhappy with me and hauled me off my feet in my new rental where I lived.  I know it was her because I had just returned exhausted from sitting shiva in Baltimore.  As I had 'cleared' the rental  of any prior  resonances,  I know it wasn't anyone else.  I took my bruised ribs and back to the doctors who appreciated the damage but were unsure of why I fell. Their hypothesis was that I was exhausted by her death and the stresses of sitting shiva with some of the most hostile people I'd ever met who came to sit with us in Baltimore.   All Very True. But still ....

So how do we protect ourselves from angry or sad  resonances???  I know, for me, that I absolutely have to recognize when I am picking up anger from those around me and learn various ways to shed the anger through meditation and writing about it.

 I pick up lots of feelings from others -- don't we all?  And often I act angry  not realizing that the anger is not mine but someone else's.  My advice?  Stay focused when you drive because drivers' express their anger in how they drive and anger is a powerful force.  Also realize that the corporate telephone systems we use when calling to ask for help -- the dreaded phone system of pressing 1, 2, 3 or 4 to access a human -- are tailor made to make callers furious.  Please recognize that and put the anger aside if at all possible.  Just don't carry the anger of others around with you.  Anger weighs more than than you think it does.

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