February 27, 2011


I used to think I was just cheap.  I reuse everything.  In fact, I am too cheap to buy one of those fancy computer fans but my computer gets really hot when I have it on my lap.  So I thought about it and realized my plastic chopping board (which I never use because it is impossible to keep clean) fits right under my computer and keeps my legs a whole lot cooler.

I also wanted to organize my cook books which were just stacked on the counter.  I also was getting ready to throw out my old wooden dish rack which never really worked for all my dishes.  One thing let to another and now my cook books are on the top rack of the disk rack and my paper towels are on the cup holder part of the dish rack.  So three items are organized instead of just the cook books.

So if I want to make cookies or stew, I can pull out the right book and get started.  And if I make a mess on the counter, my paper towels will stay dry!

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