December 5, 2008

And another good reading...

Again, shamelessly copying from This time their Daily Horoscope feature which nails my day completely. Really amazing how putting positive energy out brings positive energy back and how old habits keep us old rabbits in a rut. I recently pledged and cleaned old items from an older chest of mine and as I cleaned I deliberately said "I sweep away things holding me back that I have held onto, consciously or unconsciously." Or words like that. And things, interviews, new ways of applying for jobs, new contacts with people started to rise up to the surface....

Philosophical PonderingCancer Daily Horoscope

  1. A philosophical mood may lead you to ponder all the different cultural and religious beliefs in the world today. You may be feeling liberal-minded as you explore the similarities and differences. By doing this, you could reach a greater understanding of the world you inhabit as well as gain the ability to share a different point of view with those around you.
  2. When we begin to share new and different ideas within our communities, we open others’ minds to the new possibilities and understanding. Today you can follow your philosophical explorations to lead you to a wealth of knowledge and understanding you can share.
  3. New ideas can be difficult for people to accept. Not everyone is willing to expand their awareness to include different ways of thinking about the world.
  4. But if an idea is presented many times from different sources, it begins to take root. As more and more people are willing to accept these ideas, soon it may seem as though the entire society is in agreement. This is how we can share what we learn from different cultures and religions.
  5. While others may not have the drive to explore such arenas, we can bring back the gems of our experience to help them broaden their horizons. When we can connect with others in understanding, we have a greater chance to create peace.
  6. It is when we see others as completely alien that we have difficulty bridging the gap. Today you can be a bridge-maker, sharing your liberal philosophies with those who are willing to reach a greater understanding.

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