November 5, 2008

Mental Attitude and the Election

The little engine that could....'I think I can, I think I can, I think I can' could easily be used to define this amazing run for the presidency that came to a successful vote yesterday. I gave up watching the news last night because of the constant flux in the voting results for Virginia. And woke up twice last night. First to a phone call from my youngest daughter about Obama's win. Second to a text message from my older daughter again about Obama's win. I got up this morning at 5 am because I couldn't contain my happiness at the outcome. I don't know when I have been so 'invested' in an outcome. As a Buddhist, I know that's not a good thing -- investing in outcomes. Staying in the moment is better. But as a long-time resident of Red State Virginia, I knew this would be a tough fight for Obama and the democrats. And especially for Obama because Virginia was the headquarters of the Confederacy and we still have folks who celebrate the Confederacy (with a capital 'C') as well as have rebel flags flying in the state. In fact, our major roads (outside of the Fairfax County area) are renamed for confederate generals and raiders. "Mosby Woods", John Mosby Highway, Lee Highway are just a few that come to mind immediately. It is very confusing to those who haven't lived 'in-state' long. So this election was all about the mental attitude of those who organized it, ran hundreds of volunteer phone and organizing groups, and get out the vote volunteers. "I think I can" which became Obama's chant of "Yes, We Can" is now "Yes, We Did". And I am happy from the bottom of my heart.

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