October 21, 2008

Retooling for the Future

There are a lot of phrases I have run into (smack) a lot as I go forward on my quest for the elusive job here in Northern Virginia. "Re-tool" "redefine" "product packaging" "the product called 'me'" are just some of the phrases I have heard. And ultimately it comes down to knowing who I am and what I want. Want...need. Because I am who I am, I question what is a want -- ice cream -- versue need -- a place to live, food to feed the cats and me and the kids. I have cut back on the 'ice creams' in my life. And thought hard about any other expense I have. What I haven't cut back on are my automatic donations for homeless shelters for abused women and pets (AHIMSA House in Atlanta, Georgia and animal shelters post-Katrina -- AlleyCats and others). Those are a small chunk of change each month that adds up. But honestly if no one continues to give then these organizations will go under. So finding a full time job that pays something close to a living wage becomes critical. And there is nothing out here. Yet. I am still looking. I am still voting for Obama. I am still worried about Wall Street eating all my 401K money and savings. I am still worried that unless we invest in ourselves instead of Enron, Wall Street, K Street Lobbyists, we will sink under our own debts and become those of the dispossessed who are homeless, in shelters, needing a place of safety for themselves and their animals, swamped by this paperless tsunami that sucks our money away.

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