October 21, 2008

Monoculture Monopolies

Monoculture agriculture is a dangerous thing to do. The plants are specifically selected to survive but are unable to protect themselves against various plant fungus, diseases or plagues. Look at the Irish Potato Famine of the 1840s. Pretending that a monoculture agriculture is a good thing is disingenuous. Pretending that monopolies are a good thing is disingenuous. All you have to do is look at Wall Street and all the mergers, buyouts, extreme financial toolkits. We need to be wary of fancy names for things and ask questions. From ARMS to mark-to market and the list goes on. Traunchs, 401Ks, retirement plans. If the country chooses Bernanke to continue, we are skunked. He presided over scaring the hell out of Wall Street and contributing to this crash. His only credential pre-chairman status was to preside over Goldman Sachs, one of the big winners in the 700B bailout. And how odd it is that Lehman Brothers was not bailed out. How very odd. If we choose Bernanke as chairman going forward, doesn't that reward him for Lehman Brothers being forced into its' own particular economy disaster. Wall Street, economic titans and financial monocultures need to be changed and changed now.

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