March 13, 2008


I thought at the time we went into Iraq it was a monumentally bad idea. I thought at the time of the door to door fighting that this was an even worse idea. I thought the failure of the Veterans Administration to treat the returning soldiers for post traumatic stress disorder or other psych problems to be criminally negligent. And now I read that a returning soldier who served in the Iraq theatre is accused of murdering a girl in Georgia. Georgia - Mother of Student Murder Supect Offers Apology COLUMBUS, GA (AP) -- The mother of the man charged in the killing of Auburn University student Lauren Burk has offered an apology to Burk's family for the ...
Why do I care? Because there are tons of stories about the murder of the North Carolina coed and hardly any mention of the murder in Georgia. Why? I find that disparity oddly reminiscent of "spiking" a story that copy editors do when they know it will be unpopular for their readers. Is it because of the Iraq connection? Is it because the victim is Jewish? Is it because the murder is in Georgia? Is it because it isn't a 'sexy' story. Murder does sell but uncomfortable facts don't. Nothing can convince me that the victims' families wishes can keep the reporter vultures away after a murder. So that probably isn't why it isn't getting much coverage. I think it is because the alleged murdered is an Iraq vet and the victim a Jewish girl in her freshman year at college. She hailed from a Jewish family in Georgia. As a Jew, as a Buddhist and as a antiwar 'watcher', I am not surprised by this fallout. I am surprised that the coverage is so bad and that the situation is so sad. Peace please!