February 6, 2008

Who Knows

I made the mistake of listening to C-Span's coverage of the economy and the Senate interview yesterday with the head of OMB. But I got frustrated because I couldn't find the hearing.

It was held 2-5-08. Because real news in the U.S. is embedded and hidden as much as possible, I cannot locate the hearing. I know that the Bush Administration came into office with one goal of making governmental websites more accessible. To that end, they re-designed all the government access portals. After those re-designs, I couldn't find a thing unless I out-stubborned the web site.

So perhaps that is why OMB Director Nussle came across as an idiot yesterday. Maybe he can't use the portal any better than I can. He was asked question after question and could not answer them. Not would not. Could not. He admitted he didn't know. This was the same fellow whom Google identifies as a former member of the Congressional Budget Committee before he was "elevated" to the OMB. It makes me scratch my head in frustration.

It is my observation that almost to a man, none of the folks who have testified before Congress know what is going on either. From Alberto Gonzales to Nussle, these folks spout rhetoric and make promises they don't keep. Or, in the case of the attorney firings at Justice with Monica Goodling, they lawyer up and won't testify at all

So, what exactly is going on here? I guess no one really truly knows. But it concerns me because as a voter, it is my duty to make informed decisions and without information how informed can a voter be??????????

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