February 7, 2008

C-Span and Car Radios

You'd think I'd learn to turn the radio knob in my car off. It would spare me all the emotional turmoil I get into when I listen to my inside the beltway soap opera, aka C-Span. I listen to C-Span because I really don't have time to hunt online to find the relevant transcripts of really fascinating hearings to read through. Listening is much faster -- although listening can be very tough on my car radio when I get so frustrated with either the guest or the callers that I hit it. The radio. I hit the radio when (a) C-Span says it has a call in number but the number doesn't work, (b) when the number works but the phone disconnects, (c) when a caller is abusive, (d) when a guest is an idiot. Any one of those things and my car radio is in serious danger. As a case in point, the Mukasey hearing on 2-7-08 was carried live on C-Span. It was embarrassing. Sadly, the link may not be live anymore. But perhaps someone more intrepid can find the printout of the hearing. Perhaps I will look it up on my newest love....Govtrack, see my newer post. Atty. Gen. Michael Mukasey responds to five questions posed to him by Rep. John Conyers (D-MI), House Judiciary Cmte. Chairman. The Atty. Gen. was asked to discuss the politicization of the Justice Dept. and waterboarding, among other issues.2/7/2008: WASHINGTON, DC: 3 hr.

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