January 30, 2008

Spockian Blessings

I recently voiced my rather strong opinion about the State of Virginia's newest Grand Plan -- remember the last one folks? You remember, it was the one where Richmond became the capital of the confederacy. This newest and brightest idea concerns the wholesale in-gathering of cats who are wandering outside. Whether lost or not, treasured pet or castoff, all these cats were to be hauled to the various overworked animal shelters and killed. Yes, that's right. In the land of the free and the home of the brave, the best we can do is kill animals that are not terrorists. I wrote and expressed myself online and figured I would not make one iota of difference. Imagine my shock when I heard back from one of the folks who was fighting the good fight (translation -- she was on my side of the battle line) to keep the cats from being put down. I am in her debt. She and her fellow legislators were able to take the proposal right off the table and back into the Committee for more study. I know she has surely earned my vote and that is saying something for me these days. May she live long and prosper -- a Spockian blessing.

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