January 30, 2008

On Clorox and Cheap Rings

Cheap Rings and Clorox

I have a wonderful ring I found at Target. It was cheap and full of really wonderful sayings. Unfortunately, I didn't realize its shiny surface could be damaged by the Clorox I use to wash floors in the cattery. So now I have a favorite ring that is like the rest of my life -- lovely and shiny in areas and worn through in others. How appropriate! Hmmmm, maybe those harsh cleaners are actually called 'life'.

I believe a lot of us are like my ring. We look "good" on the surface but in adversity those pesky flaws come right up front and center. If we ignore them, we risk having them get bigger and bigger until they ice right over our souls.

If only global warming worked on souls...we'd thaw out and actually care about each other.

That's it for now for me. Hugs for eternity.

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