January 30, 2008

Frank L. Baum and Oz - A New Look

Behind the Breastbone Beats
Behind the Breastbone Beats ... a Heart. A heart was all the Tinman was looking for in the classic Judy Garland movie "Wizard of Oz." Recently the SciFi Channel reinterpreted the Wizard of Oz. Called the "Tin Man" this classic movie is a wonderful modernization of the original Baum book. Really thoughtful. Really thought provoking. Wisecracking, sad, wise. Frank Baum wrote lots of books about his universe of Oz. None of them pretty. And this adaptation captures that sense of ugliness amidst the stunning beauty of modernity. It captures the soul of what Baum was writing about in his modern fairy tale for the 19th and early 20th century. And its' appeal is timeless. Because, after all, hearts are the icon of the soul.

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