January 30, 2008

The Botox of Souls

Souls and Botox
Unlike Hollywood stars whose good looks are frozen in place by botox, the soul is the one thing that never ever needs botox to look good. No matter how tattered, no matter how closed down, the soul can revive and grow. It doesn't grow according to the filofax calendar or according to our own demands. It grows because we work it. And we need to do that work these days more than ever with all the awful news both locally and abroad coming to the surface. I don't know if there is an increase in bad news. Or if there is an interest in selling products which means that news stations need to find a "hook" to attract watchers and bad news is sexy and sells. Or if bad news is increasing (if you believe in the end of days theory of life). What I do know is that bad news is bad for my soul. It makes that maggot of fear and mistrust grow and grow so I stay away from people, stay away from food, stay isolated in my own little world which tends to shrink more and more and become as dark as 3 am with the winds of sorrow whistling through. Brrrr. So I write, I read wonderful books by Bujold, I listen to Garrison Keillor, I listen to a CD called "Irish Drinking Songs for Cats."

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