January 30, 2008

Clear as a Lotus in the Mud

Thought for the Day

Cancer Horoscope

(June 21 - Jul 22)

Something needs to come out into the open today, so you can integrate this information into your current plan. You may already have big ideas about what you want to change in your daily routine, but may have a hard time knowing how to do it until you have all the facts. Carefully asking the right questions now can help you discover what you need to know.


Well, that's clear as mud. But it does really relate to something I am dealing with so it isn't that off base. What is worthy of mention here is that it is the tension (for me) between my wants and my responsibilities. Very far apart on this particular issue. Light years. Mega Light Years. The bottom line is for me to stay out of the origami folds trying to smooth life out. Life and the universe do not work that way. Life and the universe like bumpiness even though it tears the heck out of my personal transmission. Sigh.

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