January 30, 2008

C-Span or was that C-Spam?

The radio stations in the Washington, DC area are limited. I know, I know. You'd think a big metropolitan area would have good radio shows, but you'd be wrong here. There are shock jocks, there are rabble rousers radio stations, there are news stations that only seem to read the news every fifteen minutes and never change either the news or the shock and awe with which they report it. And then ... there is C-Span. C-Span has a call in morning program. It limits its calls to those folks who are on a call list...I can't verify that folks. I just know I can never get through when I try to call. But it is a soap opera kind of program. People just vent. Predictably. Often. Some of the venters are really quite spectacularly weird. Some are just sweet. But I listen for the weirdos who crawl out from under rocks to accuse the people featured by C-Span of being - gasp - socialists. It is shocking to me to hear troglodytes calling on the phone. You'd think being inside a rock cave (look up the meaning), there would be spotty reception. But not only do these folks get on...they get listened to. We still must be a free country no matter how hard the pres and his buddies have tried to make sure our liberties go away because these cave-dwelling folks are still able to call in and insult the rest of us.

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