January 29, 2008

As Friends Stay Close

Part of the focus of my blog this year seems to leaning towards "How do we stay close in times where separation is necessary?" This is a constant theme for me these days. One of my long distance friends commented that my "little jokes" are missed. Again, my nearsightedness surely needs friends like her. Desperately! So I wrote her back to bring some light into her late January dark and realized I needed the laugh just as badly as she did. It is my opinion that the world is a far glummer place these days. I don't know whether there is any one cause to point at over any other. But honestly leavening is so necessary in the slumps. Especially as we inch forward towards Passover. All that leavening has to go. As a family, we used to give the stuff with yeast or other leavening away to our neighbors. Then after the Holiday, we would ransome the bread and stuffs back. It is too bad really that we can't ransome back the lightness, the leavening in real life. I think we need it more now than we ever did at Passover. So when you get a chance and things look glum, remember to ransome back the laughter.

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