June 30, 2007

Ohio (The Flats)

I love Northern Ohio. The accents, the people, the topography all mean home to me. The landscape is so very flat. The Ohio Turnpike goes over a rise that is called "Mountain Hill" locally. It goes up gradually and tops out at 50 feet high. As flat as the road is though, it is still far higher than sea level. Driving to Ohio means going consistently uphill from Virginia. Western Maryland and Pennsylvania look a lot like these blue hills pictured below.Up 270, up the PA turnpike and through to Ohio where the road finally levels off. Whew. It is a long trip going there. Coming back is a lot quicker. All downhill. In many ways, the journey west is longer because it is strange. And unfamiliar things seem to take longer even though they are temporily the same time.

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