June 14, 2007

Already Tired and Weekend isn't for 2 Days!!

Arrggh!!! I am already tired and the weekend doesn't start for two days. I have been busy trying to figure out why I am so damn mad today. Feeling really put upon and stressed. Then it hit me. I am working, I have two kids, I have 3 cats, I am trying to find time to drive, I want to do as many rescue runs as possible, I am only one person, I am crazy. Emphasis on the last part. I am crazy thinking I can fit everything in. As it is, I am very lucky to be able to help as much as I can. And have as good a life as I do. Sheesh. Grumble, grumble, grumble..... Oh, yeah, on top of it the traffic today was really bad. Fingers crossed that doesn't happen this weekend when I am zipping around with the dogs and cats. I can't wait to meet them. One group is called the 7 dwarves. These are 7 St. Bernard puppies. I love the name. I know I will love the puppies too. At least as long as I remember to bring plenty of newspaper for accidents. :)

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