May 6, 2007

Why I Hate C-Span but Listen to it Anyway

I listen to C-Span to get pre-sound-byte information instead of pablum. Lately though pablum in the form of government certified spokespersons have crept into C-Span. This weekend was no different. A spokesman for some Christian sect was talking with C-Span about Bush and the Iraq war. A caller asked him to comment about whether the war was a right expression of Faith. The spokesman tapped-danced around the issue by using one of those philosophic straw men political arguments so he could demolish it and thus win the argument. I hate that. And the moderator of the C-Span show let him get away with it. How typical. Bush has been setting up these straw men arguments for years. First the Faith Based Initiatives to help (hah) with the homeless. Now the Iraq war. According to the spokesman Iraq is faith based. Blessed. Grrrr. Who knew we could also have Faith Based Wars? But clearly what started after 9/11 was Christian Based Jihad. There is no doubt in my mind that Eisenhower was right to worry about an Industrial Military Complex. Only no one listened. No one listened in Vietnam. No one is listening now. So here we are in the new millenium going to war against an idea. Ridiculous. War on Terror. So who is the terrorist? Bush or Them? Until then...peace please.

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