May 4, 2007

Sighted on the Travel Channel

I had to take public transit today instead of driving. Bad idea. I hurt so much I couldn't sleep. So I started watching the Travel Channel. Weird, I know. It was about ghosts, though, so I was hooked. Hauntings at the Whaley House. The show claims the haunting is certified by the U.S. Commerce Department. We have government certified hauntings now? Arrrggh!!! What next? What ticks me off though is that the show didn't say: "Don't try this at home." I guess ghosts are entertainment now. Which makes them what? Less scarey, less dangerous, less, less, less? Ghost Snooping like this may not harm a person on first exposure or second or third perhaps but dabbling with hauntings is like being covered in cobwebs one strand at a time. A little is fine but by the time it gets too heavy there is no easy escape. So in the spirit of safety...May all beings wherever and whenever they are be blessed tonight and all time.

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