May 12, 2007

Choices in Life

Choices, arrggh!! I hate making choices. What I finally realize though is that I ultimately am the choices I make in my life. I bump into this lesson daily as I face the morning and evening commutes and other issues that demand attention by rubbing me the wrong way. I have a theory that things that bug me are actually invisible cats who are rubbing themselves on my legs to get attention. The more I ignore them or the more I dwell on how they make me feel, the more insistent they become. I need to do what Thict Nhat Hanh advises in his book called "The Heart of the Buddha's Teaching" and say "hello, there you are again," to the irritations instead of becoming fearful of them and freezing up. So my path today is to be grateful at being reminded that I am here in this world and in the now. Ownership of life comes with a daily mortgage that must be paid by my paying close paying attention to it. To fail to plan is to plan to fail. And choices are a huge part of that.

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