April 6, 2007

Why is it?

Indelible smiles. I wish. To get one just click on an old Mr. Rogers show where he is feeding baby ducks. Sweet, sweet, sweet stuff. Beats Peeps even for smiles that linger on the mind if not the mouth. Why is it that smiles don't last? Perhaps a lack of sweet smiles is my problem... All I know is Mr. Rogers was amazing. And oddly enough, I used to cringe at it. Perhaps I am finally lightening up....or growing up... http://www.fci.org/broadcastcalendar.asp?date=4/6/2007
Friday, April 6, 2007
The McFeelys have baby ducklings; video of ducklings hatching. (#1700)
Parenting Tip: Look at your child's baby pictures -- talk about the growing and changing your child has done since then.