March 13, 2007

What is it about...losing that creates lost items?

The more losses I have in my life whether near or far away, the more things I lose. So as I search yet again for my car/house/office keys and cellphone -- I did mention I have these issues with mechanical devices? -- I stop to ponder the role of loss in the process of things getting lost.
I lose things all the time. My keys are notorious for never being where I thought I put them. Same for books, pieces of paper, phone numbers, and cell phones. About the only things in my life that stay put are the bigger pieces of equipment like desks, sofas, sinks, stoves, refrigerators, fishtanks and tv's. With the arrival of wireless laptops, even my computer wanders. So what creates loss which causes me to "inadvertently" lose things? What do I believe?
I believe things out of my personal control distract me from paying attention to where things need to go consistently. Paying attention to life. However, when I look at the larger picture, feed the cats, meditate, watch the snail inch its way around the fishtank I feel less loss, even though I still am still trying to find the things I have lost.

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