March 20, 2007

Weasels and the Presidency

Here is a photo of a pine martin I found on the Scotsman newspaper on line. I love reading foreign newspapers. It is a short vacation for me without leaving my desk.

Anyway, the martin is closely related to weasels. I think weasels get a bad reputation from doing what weasels do. After all, a critter has to be quick, aggressive, sneaky and courageous to survive these days. So it seems a shame that the word now has a second meaning...

To weasel out of something or to use weasel words. For instance, when I listen to the President explain how he will not allow Congress to subpoena any of the White House staff to explain under oath what their reasoning was in the firing of the 8 DOJ prosecutors. This reeks of weaselling to me. Given how beautiful this little pine martin/weasel fellow is to the right, it is a shame I would use his name to describe really unprofessional behavior on the part of the White House to protect incompetence (on the best view of it) or utterly criminal behavior (on the worst view of it).

I say: Free the weasels and pine martins from this kind of human behavior.

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