March 21, 2007

Homeless Animal Prayers from BeliefNet

Judaism teaches that when one person is killed a universe is destroyed. The situation is even starker if you are an animal rescue volunteer like I am. Recently, I was reading through BeliefNet which is one of my "must reads" each day and discovered this prayer. It deserves wide distribution so I am copying it into this blog.

... We implore you, dear Lord, to empower our prayer for the animals. Help us awaken humans to their plight. Give comfort to those suffering and dying daily in shelters everywhere. Protect those who are without homes. Intervene for those who live in houses where there is cruelty and neglect. Save a special place by Your side for those in laboratories. Help us raise the consciousness in this country and, finally, this world that animals are not ours to eat, wear, experiment upon or exploit in any way. These beautiful, helpless and defenseless souls have every right to live, be loved and properly cared for. Help us to extend our circle of compassion to include all living beings, but especially Your animals.
Namaste skibum1960 -9/28/2000

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