March 16, 2007

We are Seeing Another Friday Night Massacre

Holy Shades of Nixon, folks.

This current situation with the 8 prosecutors kicked up a phrase I last heard back in the Watergate period of my life. Let me backtrack. My first vote ever was for Nixon. I was young. I was from a Republican family. I was happy to vote Republican. Nixon was a bloody deflowering of my youthful vote.

And now the Bush administration is saying this firing has nothing to do with politics. That it is exactly what Clinton did. Each time the Administration speaks to this issue however the number of attorneys fired goes up. First it was 93, today is more than that. No doubt about it...the Bushies are math challenged. First the number of Iraq citizens killed in friendly fire and now the number of attorneys who were fired by Clinton.
Clinton did a lot of things wrong. But he never deliberately dirtied the professional reputations of the lawyers who actually did good work for the public weal. Those replacements were completely political and never ever characterized as anything else. Clinton came in -- changed political affiliation of those who were serving without saying they were incompetent -- and then went forward. Not much else is admirable from Clinton's conduct (from finding WhiteWater files subpoenaed by Congress in the White House living room to Monica Lewinski) but this was a straight up and up political replacement and was never characterized as anything else.

So for the Bush Administration to claim that this time the firing is the same as that time is disingenuous at the very least and a bald-faced lie at the worst. Whatever it is, it's amazing. The bigger the lie (see prewar WWII Germany), the more people believe it. The more media is consolidated into Fox News and concentrated into various outlets, the more the people lose their ability to make considered judgments on news from different sources.

Don't settle for the easy answers just because Fox News or Bush says so. Think. Because we all pay when we don't pay attention.

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