March 17, 2007

Things to see before I die

Here is an owl I found on a link from the Scotsman e-Zine. Beautiful, isn't it? I would love to see Scotland before I die but if I don't my world won't collapse. However, now there is a book and a show on 1000 places to see before you die. I think this attitude is just so toxic. It makes dreams mandatory. Other peoples' dreams of selling these things are behind these ads. Louts who tout that everyone must have a house before you are 30, must have a car before you can drive, must have, must have, must have... This is just cruel. For some people, just getting through the day without collapsing in pain is a triumph equal to climbing Mt. Everest. Why is being ordinary bad? What's wrong with folks who do ordinary things? Why must we are be extraordinary? Why must we all be heros? If everyone is extraordinary then is anyone extraordinary? These superlatives devalue the very qualities they are puffing up. I'd rather have a day with my animals than spend money traveling all over the world.

Learning to be satisfied with myself than be dissatisfied trying to live someone else's dream instead of my own. Being my own owl.

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