March 9, 2007

Tuning In/Tuning Out

I just love English. The same word can mean so many different things.
Word of the Day for Me: Tunes. Tuning in and tuning out. Tuning an instrument. Tuning forks. You might ask, why tunes? Because tuning relates to hearing. Tuning an orchestra. Listening to the song the orchestra creates. Tuning a chorus to a certain key. Making sure everyone sings in harmony. Or turning inside to tune into my feelings. Tuning in to myself helps me balance my feelings as I approach life with a positive attitude. I can "tune out" negative people and news much better when I have a positive attitude. And there is just so much to tune out these days. NPR had a segment on the upcoming apocalypse. Good grief. Or not "good" grief. If I listen to NPR, the world will end in less than 5 years. Serious news? I think not. NPR becomes more entertainment than news each time I listen to it. Arrrggh. So tuning in to my irritation means I tune out and turn away from what I used to think was useful information. And tune in to more positive forces that help me feel better -- Buddhism, oriental art, sumei painting, cats, rescue and drawing.

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