March 11, 2007

No Surprise

It's no surprise. I watched a show last night on laughter as a healing force. It calms students and creates community. This morning I am watching a story on dogs who greet visitors to stores on Nantucket. And remarkably the same thing happens. No, folks, don't laugh. Store owners report customers return each summer looking for their favorite canine store representatives.

Some stores even report that their sales improve because they have a dog to greet customers. It is no surprise to me. Dogs and cats have lowered my fears and resistance to looking strange and silly for years. In effect, they give me permission to be me -- no fear of social put-downs, no fear of being yelled at, no fear of people hurting me. And that confidence allows me to go to many places I would never go. Would I frequent shops that had animals there? Absolutely.

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