March 18, 2007

Little Lies

Quote from Dresden Files: The Way In is Also The Way Out.

Little lies we tell ourselves...engage our pride because we want to believe we are what we tell ourselves we are. When I tell myself I am strong, I don't mind being alone, I can deal with anything that comes along...these are good lies. When I tell myself I am not those things ... those are bad lies. But whatever lies I tell myself, when I work through loss and sit with grief, I need to let go of my pride so I let go of denial. You remember denial? It translates into (Don't even Know I am Lying). Sitting with grief...means facing how we actually are -- not how we wish we were. That's why it is so important to let those who go through loss feel numbness, feel loss, feel anger, feel pain, feel separation, feel whatever they want to feel. It is a path like the labrinynth at Church. To be gone through alone with the prayers of those who have gone through before surrounding them. Amen.

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